Illuminated Safety

Custom Worker LED Safety Vest - Over One-Mile Visibility.


Class 2, 3, & Break-away LED safety vests available.

One-Mile Visibility

Retroreflective outer layer with integrated waterproof LEDs for enhanced visibility & identifiability.


Custom decals available. Every order is personally handled. Our technology can be integrated into various products.


Our ability to customize products allows for many industries to have superior visibility safety: law enforcement, airport, DOT, & construction.

How We Started

Illuminated Safety Launch

Product Launch

In 2013, 4,585 workers in the United States were killed on the job. Astoundingly, more than one out of every three (35%) of these fatal injuries were a result of being struck by an object/equipment or caused by an incident on the roadway. Professions like construction, manufacturing, transportation, mining, and emergency response are just a few of America’s most […]

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